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Top 7 safest cars for 2019

Car makers have been using the best technology to make the driving safer and convenient. With features likethree-point seatbelt and high tech devices like crash avoidance, backup cameras, and, blind-spot detection; automobile manufacturers are really changing the definition of safety.

Every year cars are rated according to their safety features by auto experts. This year, the experts have again come up with the List of Cars that have levelled up in terms of safety.

Here are top 10 cars of 2019:

  1. Toyota Etios Liva -:

The Toyota Etios Liva might be an inexpensive car in India but it comes with the best safety features. Even though the car is the lowest priced car from Toyota’s extensive portfolio in Indian market, it has managed to score 4 stars in the NCAP safety test conducted at a global level. The car scored 4 stars in the measure for adult protection and 2 stars for child protection. It is tonote that the Liva has dual airbags in the standard variants.

  • Volkswagen Polo -:

In the second NCAP test, which was conducted for the much famed Volkswagen Polo, the car recorded an astounding 4-star rating. The hurdles that the car had to face in the initial stages of the tests were quickly addressed by the company, and the car was re-launched with dual airbags.

The second NCAP test was taken after the addition of the airbags. The car scored 3 stars in the measure for child protection with 12.54 points out of 17. The interesting thing to note here is that the addition of airbags will not simply bring the score up.

The body structure of the car plays an important role as it should be stable and the car should be able to withstand several types of forces.

  • Volkswagen Vento -:

The Volkswagen Vento received a two-star rating for each variant of the car. The model without Electronic Stability Program (ESP) scored 4 stars whereas the model with ESP (1.2 TSi) scored 5 stars at the ASEAN NCAP. It is known that the test parameters for the ASEAN NCAP ratings vary slightly from the global test.
In the ASEAN NCAP test, the presence of ESP is mandated. Both variants of the car have scored 14.51 out of 16 in the measure of adult protection, which indicates that both cars models have strong and stable body structures.

  • Mahindra XUV500 -:

The car is monocoque, which indicates that it has a structure in which the chassis is integral to the body. The Australian NCAP gave it a 4-star rating after conducting a series of tests. The model tested was the AWD version. The tests included side and frontal impact crashes.
The XUV scored 16 points out of 16 in the side impact test, while it got only 10 points out of 16 in the front balance test. The total score of the vehicle was 26 points, out of the maximum 37 points.

  • Hyundai Creta -:

The Hyundai Creta ranks among the highly successful cars in the Indian SUV market. The car received a commendable rating of 4 stars at the Latin NCAP tests, where it scored 15.57 points out of the total 17. The tested vehicle had dual airbags, similar to the Indian version. The Latin NCAP test remarked that the body structure of the vehicle is exceptionally stable and can handle extra loading.

  • Ford Aspire and Figo:

Ford has increased its level in the safety features by offering six airbags for the Figo and Aspire models, so the passengers on the rear seat stay safe too.The vehicle now comes with a Perimeter Alarm which goes off if there is an attempt to break into the car. It flashes headlights and parking lamps and theft indicator in the instrument panel.Figo and Aspire come with HLA (Hill Launch Assist). Apart from this, the cars also features ABS with EBD and ESP (Electronic Stability Program).

  • Hyundai i20:

The Hyundai i20 now comes with dual airbags, ABS, Smart pedal – in case you press both the accelerator and the brake simultaneously. The headlamps automatically turn on during the night and turn off at dawn. The power windows automatically roll down if the car senses any obstacles.Apart from these, it also features rear parking assist system, and audio controls on the steering wheel. It also indicates for low fuel, and warns if door and tailgate are not closed, and features engine immobiliser and driver seatbelt reminder.

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