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The Benefits of Fitting Automatic Heated Wiper Blades

Winter is when you add extra layers and thick winter coats in an effort to stay warm.  Your home will have a heating system; it may be a central heating system on a timer which keeps your house snug or it may be a combination of wood burning stoves and petroleum based heaters.  Winter is often seen as a time of year when you snuggle in, stay warm and forget the weather outside.  However, you cannot stay inside for the entire winter; you will need certain supplies and probably need to commute to work.  For many people this means freezing your hands whilst scraping the ice off the glass; fortunately there is another way!

Crystal Clear supply automatic heated wiper blades for as little as $249; you can purchase the blade size which will fit your car and even choose a different size for the left and right wiper blades.  The system can be wired in very easily by almost anyone and then provides an extra level of safety and convenience.

The module monitors the outside temperature.  When it falls to a specified setting the module will check if the car engine is running; this is simply to prevent battery drain.  As soon as the engine is running the automatic hated wiper blades will heat up to 65 Centigrade and melt the ice and snow on the screen around them.  The blades are designed to move effortlessly over a frozen screen and within seconds will have melted all the ice allowing you perfect visibility.

There are several benefits to fitting this system to your vehicle:


Whether you are running late and need to get to work, rushing to take someone to hospital, or even an emergency response vehicle; automatic heated wiper blades can make a huge difference to the speed at which you can be ready to go.  There is no need to stand in the cold scraping a gap big enough for to gain some visibility; the automatic heated wiper blades will clear the screen in moments and leave you free to go on your way.  This is particularly important if you are an emergency response vehicle.


Being able to see properly both when you leave the house and whilst you are driving in freezing conditions will make a huge difference to your safety when driving in sub zero conditions.  There are times when you need to clean your windscreen but any water will simply freeze on the screen; making driving much more difficult and dangerous.  Fortunately the automatic heated wiper blades can keep the ice and snow at bay for the duration of your drive.


Fitting these blades is a very easy task which almost anyone can do.  Once they are on your vehicle you have the luxury of being able to drive confidently in any weather.  Even if an unexpected cold spell arrives or a storm while you are out; your wiper blades will be able to handle the issue.  Once you have fitted them you never need to remember to turn them on or worry about being ready for winter; they are always on your vehicle and ready to do their job.

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