Some of the Reasons Why Car Park Accidents Happen in Cheshire

Car parks are a scary place for some as parking spaces are hard to come by. Plus the tight spaces and the great number of cars even make it more difficult for one to find his or her spot and get his or her car in that slot. If you are no pro racing car driver, a driving instructor, or an experienced coach hire Cheshire driver, you must pay extra attention to parking your vehicle. Additionally, that it is why it is extremely important for car park owners and tenants to invest safety measures.

An auto and home insurance company recently came up with a study on claims made by car owners. They examined the incidences of these accidents and came up with this list of the top types of accidents that happen in parking spaces and these are the following:

  • Drivers backing up into each other. The general rule in parking is that one has to check their surroundings and car park line marking before making a maneuver. However, blame it to the scarcity of spaces, drivers are oftentimes rushing to get into that open slot. As a result, they fail to check their surroundings well. Add in the factor of racing between drivers for that one open slot and the result is this. According to one insurance company, this is one of the most common claim filed in places where it is hard to find a parking spot. In such instances, both drivers are to blame for the accident.
  • Driver from a parking space moves out of his spot, crashes with another car. This has a lot to do with the principle of right of way. While both drivers may be held responsible for the accident for they are both (most of the time) moving, the driver in the traffic lane has the right of way. However, some drivers pulling out of their parking space oftentimes forget about this, making them leave the spot without looking out for oncoming vehicles. In such instances, the driver pulling out of the parking spot are majority at fault.
  • Backing out into an oncoming car. This is more of like the type of car accident that was mentioned earlier. Filing to yield to an oncoming car’s right of way, add the difficulty of seeing oncoming cars almost always ends up in accidents. Just like the earlier scenario, the driver of the vehicle in the traffic lane has the right of way in this scenario. That is why it is the duty of the driver pulling out of a parking spot to ensure that the coast is clear to back up. Failure to do so puts the latter at greater fault in such accidents.
  • Racing for a spot. As finding a parking spot is quite difficult in crowded car parks, the tendency for two or more vehicles racing to be the first to occupy a slot is common. In such cases, the concept of right of way once again prevails. Which driver has the right of way and which one impeded that right? That and other factors like the point of impact on the cars, how far are the vehicles into the parking space, and the speed of the vehicles prior to impact will help determine who is at fault for the accident.
  • Rear ending another car at a stop. It is easier to know who is at fault in such cases, only one of the vehicles is moving. Usually, cars up front may stop suddenly because of the accident. Expert coach hire Cheshire drivers say that as a general rule, drivers need to provide an ample distance between his or her car and the one in front of them. Failure to provide an allowance between their car and the car in front makes the driver who rear ended another car makes him or her, the one to blame in such accident.

In all of these cases, accidents could be avoided if the drivers will stop and look for possible dangers before proceeding with parking or driving. By exercising the right and safe driving practices, one will be able to avoid mishaps in the often tight and crowded car parks.

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