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5 Ford Car Parts that are Worth Buying Originals

In the hope of saving a few exchanges, “parallel” pieces of dubious quality, or at a price just below the originals, constitute the majority of cases in which the economy is lost in a short time – or reverts to great losses, which exceed the question financial management.

The most attentive reader certainly noticed that important items were missing, which will be the topics covered in this article. Below is a list of five Ford car components in which quality matters. Ford discs and brake pads by

1 – Discs and brake pads

The brake system is the main active safety item of any vehicle, of course. Under normal conditions, the average braking distance from any speed to full stop is about three times less than that traveled for equivalent acceleration.

Given the importance of the brake system, why save on maintenance?

There is no great price difference between new and reconditioned components of good quality, which in itself justifies the purchase of original parts.

2 – Add additive in radiator water

The overwhelming majority of vehicle owners do not remember completing the water cooling system with the correct additive mixture.

A cheap product, priced between $10 and $30, saves serious damage to the engine cooling system. For this to work properly, the radiator requires the additive mixed with water, responsible for reducing the corrosion of the metals and diluting the impurities of their operation.

3 – Lanterns and lighthouses

Intense people quickly notice the problems in older vehicle lanterns and headlights, such as the color difference between lanterns on both sides: one has a pinkish color and the other on the other side still preserves the original bright red. Detail: The lantern with the deteriorated pigment is younger than the one on the opposite side, never replaced.

4 – Halogen lamps

Headlamps and flashlights are among the items that are most faulty and require replacement. However, the price difference between consecrated and second-line brands can be great.

Since every inexpensive product has pros and cons, second-line brand lamps burn easily and can cause problems with the electrical system if they are not replaced quickly.

5 – Starting engine

Few remember to maintain the starting motor, even when they detect problems like noise and skating when starting. In most vehicles, small failures occur around 100,000 kilometers. The wear occurs due to natural wear and varies according to the quantity and duration of the matches. Only original parts can last longer and decrease maintenance to other parts.

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