How To Choose Right Car Vacuum Cleaner – Buying Guide

A car vacuum cleaner is a useful and handy tool that helps in cleaning your car and maintaining the interiors. A car vacuum cleaner is inexpensive and effective, however, while purchasing one make sure it possess the following features.

Wall plug-in V/S cordless:

Broadly car vacuum cleaner are of two types, wall plug-in which require an electric outlet to function, these type of vacuum cleaners have high suction power and can easily remove the dirt from stubborn corners of the car. However, one drawback which this cleaner is that it limits the portability.

On the other hand cordless vacuum cleaner that functions on rechargeable batteries is portable and can do the job well without any hassle of tangled wires. The suction power is good but they may lose power as the battery starts to fade. In spite of limited runtime, this vacuum is preferred as they can easily access different parts of the car. If you are a person who spends a lot of time on the road and prefer a vacuum cleaner that you can use on the go, then cordless one is the best.

Automobile Powered:

One other type of Car vacuum cleaner is automobile powered; these cleaners can be plugged into the vehicle 12-volt outlet. Tough their suction power is less compared to the wall – plug-in, yet the best ones clean up the mess nice. Moreover, cars are usually small and they do not require much time or power to clean it completely.


The size of car vacuum cleaner matter a lot, it is always suggested to buy ones that are portable, light weighted and can easily fit in the trunk of your car without taking up too much space. In case you use your car for commercial purpose and where you have to clean the seats in between dropping and picking up of passengers, then go for a portable and cordless vacuum cleaner.

Suction power:

The suction power of the car depends on the strength of the motor, source of power and the vacuum cleaner overall design. A vacuum with a powerful motor will suck up all dirty easily. One other factor that affects suction power is amperage.  A car vacuum cleaner with higher amperage will have good suction power. If you are planning to use a car vacuum cleaner on the interiors alone, then suction power may not be that important. However, in case you are planning to use the vacuum cleaner on surfaces other than a car, like cleaning a garage floor, then you will have to buy a car vacuum cleaner model that has higher suction power.

Tank Capacity:

The dust canister is an important feature to consider before buying a car vacuum. The size of the tank determines how much dust or dirt it can hold. If the capacity of the tank is less, it becomes annoying as you have to make multiple trips just to empty it. So always purchase a cleaner depending on the amount of dust you may have to clean. For light cleaning of a car, a vacuum cleaner with the tank capacity of 2-6 gallons is more than enough.


These days no tool comes without an attachment or accessories, they reason being that a single tool can be used for multipurpose or on different surfaces. This holds good for Car vacuum cleaners as well. A car consists of various surfaces like carpets, seat, foot rug, and other uneven areas. A car also comes with hidden nooks and corners; hence it is important that the vacuum cleaner comes with an appropriate set of attachments that makes cleaning these surfaces and nooks without any issue. You need tools such as long and flexible hose, brushes, replaceable filter and pet hair remover.

Ease of use and budget- friendly:

Finally pick a model that is comfortable and easy to use, as this will not tire you out in case you need to work with it for a longer period of time. Further always opt for a model that can be moved easily while cleaning a car interior, the absence of this feature will add to your frustration.

Before buying a cleaner, decide on the budget that you are willing to pay and feature you need and then make a decision.

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